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Seco De Gallina

Delicious slow cooked Hen served with sweet yellow plantain and yellow rice


Seco De Chivo

Slow cooked Goat stew served with sweet yellow plantain and yellow rice



Hearty Tripe and potato stew in peanut sauce served with rice


Bollo De Pescado

Creamy green plantains grated then packed with Fish and peanut sauce inside a banana leaf



Ecuadorian-style fried rice loaded with Pork, Beef, Chicken, Shrimp, and eggs



Marinated Pork chunks fried and served with corn-nuts hominy and sweet yellow plantain


Cazuela De Pescado

Casserole with Fish served with rice


Cazuela De Camaron

Casserole with Shrimp served with rice


Cazuela Mixta

Casserole mixed with Fish & Shrimp served with rice


Cazuela Marinera

Seafood casserole served with rice



Traditional platter with tender Goat stew, fresh Tuna Fish, hearty Tripe, and Shrimp Ceviche served with yellow rice



Crispy fried Pork chunks, Sausage, and two eggs served over two velvety potato patties with a side of peanut sauce



Tasty green plantain fried then mashed with your choice of crispy Pork, Tropical Cheese, or both

Mixto/Cheese and Pork



Tortilla De Camaron

Shrimp Omelet over rice


Camarones Apanados

Breaded Shrimp served with your choice of side


Sudado De Pescado

Warm and hearty Swai fillet stewed with peppers, onions, and tomatoes served with your choice of side


Filete De Pescado Frito/Apanado

Crispy fried or grilled Swai fillet served with lettuce tomatoes and citrus onions with your choice of side


Pargo Frito

Crispy Red Snapper served with your choice of side


Arroz Con Camarones

Rice cooked in rich Shrimp broth and mixed with seasoned sauteed onions, peppers, tomatoes and traditional spices


Arroz Con Concha

Creamy rice cooked in Clam broth mixed with Ecuadorian Black Clam served with a strip of sweet yellow plantain


Arroz Con Cangrejo

Creamy rice mixed with Premium Crab meat served with a strip of fried yellow plantain


Arroz Con Mariscos

Seasoned rice mixed with plump pink Shrimps, green Shell Mussels, tender squid, Clam meat, and fresh diced Yellow Fin Tuna


Chicken & Meat


Premium marinated Pork Chop fried and served with your choice of side


Pechuga De Pollo A La Plancha/Apanada

Grilled style or breaded traditionally seasoned Chicken breast served with your choice of side


Carne Apanada

Juicy Steak rolled in our homemade seasoned bread crumb mix served with your choice of side


Costilla De Res A La Plancha

Two fire grilled jumbo Beef Ribs with your choice of side


Carne Asada

Fire-grilled Shell Steak Beef with your choice of side



Flavorful Skirt Steak fire-grilled and served with your choice of side



Tenderized Sirloin braised with onions, peppers, tomatoes, served with rice, french fries and two eggs


Bistec Carne




Shrimp ceviche served with your choice of side



Octopus ceviche served with your choice of side


Pescado Curtido

Fish ceviche served with your choice of side



Crab Meat ceviche served with your choice of side


Encebollado De Pescado

Marinated Tuna Fish with cassava served warm with your choice of side


Create one dish combining your favorite ceviches

Crea un plato combinado con su ceviche favorito

Choice of Sides:

Arroz/Rice ~ Chifles/Plantain Chips ~ Maiz Tostado/Toasted Corn Nuts

Mixto $29.00

2 ceviches

Triple $32.00

3 ceviches

Quadruple $35.00

4 ceviches

Quintuple $38.00

5 ceviches

Caldo De Salchicha


Sopa De Gallina

Chicken Soup


Caldo De Bolla

Beef Stuffed Plantain Soup


Sopa Marinera

Seafood Soup


Caldo De Pata*

Cow feet soup


Sancocho De Pescado*

Yellow Fin Tuna Soup


Sopa De Camaron*

Shrimp Soup


Caldo De Salchicha*

Traditional home style Ecuadorian Sausage Soup




Empanada De Verde $7.00

Crispy green plantain turnover stuff with delicious tropical cheese served warm

Muchines (3) $14.00

Cassava croquettes stuffed with fresh mozzarella cheese served hot with a side of sweet muchin sauce

Humitas $8.00

Fresh homemade style moist corn cake wrapped in corn leaf ~ Comes in Sal (Savory) or Dulce (Sweet)

Ayacas $7.00

Moist and sweet cornmeal cake stuffed with slow-cooked chicken and vegetables wrapped in a banana leaf served warm

Calamares Fritos $24.00

Barzola family recipe fried calamari

Salchipapas $12.00

Sliced hot dogs with french fries

Alitas Y Papas $16.00

Delicious homemade-style chicken wings served with fries and blue cheese

Deditos De Pollo $16.00

Chicken tenders served with french fries and honey mustard

Picada Barzola (Para 2) $40.00

A delicious platter of crispy Chicken, fried Pork Chunks, sliced Grilled Steak & flavor packed Sausage served with crunch plantain chips (Serves 2)

Picada Marinera (Para 2) $45.00

Mixed Seafood platter with seasoned Shrimp, crispy fried Fish and crunchy Calamari served with plantain chips (Serves 2)


Ensalada De Pollo

Seasoned grilled Chicken Breast, tomatoes, lettuce, and Italian dressing


Ensalada De Aguacate

Lettuce and Avocado topped with citrus onions and tomatoes


Ensalada De Cangrejo

Premium Crab Meat and potato salad over a bed of fresh lettuce and tomato


Ensalada De Lechuga Y Tomate‚Äč

Fresh Romaine Lettuce, red cabbage, juicy ripe tomatoes topped with citrus onions


Side Orders

Arroz con Habichuelas O Lentejas

Rice and beans or lentils





Habichuelas O Lentejas

Beans or lentils



Plantain Chips


Papas Fritas

French Fries






Steamed homiry


Maiz Tostado

Toasted Corn Nuts



Fried Green Plantains



Fried Sweet Plantains


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